CBP has created this website for the Trade for all Covid-19 related questions.   It has links to Covid-19 related CSMS as well as other FAQ. https://imports.cbp.gov/s/

There is currently no mechanism in place to defer duties on any entries released with Entry Date after April 30th.   CBP does not have the authority to grant additional days for payment of duties, taxes and fees; that authority lies with the White House. CBP has not received any instructions from the White House to indicate an extension of the postponement program will be extended to May and June entries.

ATF does not allow documents to be uploaded in DIS.  You have to transit ATF data via the ACE PGA message set.  Any questions can be directed to ATF at IMPORTS-HELPDESK@ATF.GOV.

Large residential washers quota will be open May 7, 2020 – CSMS# 42521589.  Email HQQuota@cbp.dhs.gov for any quota item questions.

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