Relevant information. Real compliance.

The association works to bring up-to-date topics of interest
as well as refreshers from compliance to ISF to OGA to BIS/AES.

Customs Committee

Meets once a month (usually the second Thursday) to discuss import trade issues and local Port issues, including new implementation of Customs Directives, service concerns with CBP, and broker community compliance/performance issues. We meet with the local Customs officials, usually including the port or assistant port Director.

Export Committee

Meets once a month (usually the last Thursday) to discuss export trade issues including export reform, AES, compliance concerns, new government directives, any forwarder-community compliance and/or performance issues and any local Port issues. We meet with the local Customs officials, TSA, and specific carriers in cooperation with the terminals committee.

Terminals Committee

Meets with truckers, warehousemen and airlines to resolve and discuss issues pertaining to the release and pick-up of cargo. Matters are usually pinpointed to service concerns that are established as trends and need addressing by the AIFBA representing the entire Trade community. The committee also addresses export issues and concerns, working in conjunction with the export committee. There is at least one meeting per month and more if needed.

IT Committee

Responsible for enhancing the
Association’s website and maintaining it by adding
materials, educational information, links, and pictures
from events, meeting notices and membership directory
to the site.

Government Affairs Coordinator (GAC)

Under the provisions of the planning committee, the GAC coordinator communicates and builds relationships with our Congressmen, Senators and their staff in order to ensure an effective annual march on Capitol Hill in September of each year,

In conjunction with the NCBFAA Government Affairs Conference, the coordinator is responsible for making all appointments on the hill, compiling white papers for presentation during those appointments, and follow-up to the event/meetings.

Education Committee

Responsible for helping to gain insight from the community regarding educational opportunities and helping to coordinate monthly meetings to educate our members about relevant topics by knowledgeable guest speakers. Also responsible for applying for approval of CCS and CES points from the NCBFAA Educational Institute (NEI) and applying those points to the NEI following the meetings. Handle any issues with application of points by NEI. Responsible for working on any scholarships agreed on by the Officers. The committee puts together an unbiased group for determination of the winner of essay scholarships.

Membership Committee

No regularly scheduled meeting, but usually has one meeting during the year to organize the committee. Committee members call non-member companies active in international logistics in Atlanta inviting them to become a member. When a membership application is sent, the committee advises AIFBA officers. Membership applications and dues are forwarded to the Association’s treasurer. Copies of the application are also sent to each officer by fax/email. Membership certificates are sent out annually upon renewal or new membership.

Planning Committee

Usually meets in advance of special functions, such as the Holiday lunch in December and the Annual Picnic in May. During the planning of these functions the committee meets 2-3 times to get everything in order. Other functions of the committee include coordinating and arranging the necessary services and products required for the function, distributing invitations to the trade community, and soliciting vendors for door prizes.