The Beth Mince Scholarship. Mullins International Academy is announcing The Beth Mince Scholarship for the upcoming ABC’s of Customs Brokerage which is designed to introduce new professionals to international importation. The training program is to prepare persons in entry-level administrative positions for careers supporting customs brokerage functions and international trade.

This program will provide participants with the soft skills and technical training to be able to function successfully as an import administrator, as the first step toward a career in international trade, and can be an excellent refresher course for anyone involved in international import and trade matters.

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HWC CFS Warehousing Update:
Due to the volume of import cargo please allow 24 hours for HWC to process all Shippers Releases/Custom Releases/payment and pickup information. Drivers will not be allowed to provide paperwork at the time of pickup. All shipments must be released and ready for pickup prior to the arrival of the driver. All drivers without paperwork or pickup information will be turned away. You must use our web portal to check availability. Availability calls will be directed to the website: below is a link and process on how to check CFS availability.

Click on College Park
Beside House IT – type your IT#
If you do not have an IT or it is domestic cargo, your best option other than the IT# is the Master B/L number.

Click Submit
If it states, No results found – this means that HWC does not have any records of this IT and you will need to contact the consolidator or freight broker.
If your information does populate, move to the next step.

Look beside the Status to see if this Load has arrived at HWC :
If it states:
Not Available – HWC has not received the load and/or it has not been checked in. Check back in 24 hours via the web portal or reach out to your Consolidator/Frt Broker for updated ETA.
Available – Click on the House B/L number – it will be underlined in blue (like a hyperlink – this will bring up detailed information.

Click on the Arrival Notice icon – this will populate the details that HWC requires to be sent prior to the carrier picking up. You will always be required to send a Delivery Order (this is not listed on the arrival notice but is ALWAYS needed)

Common requirements for release are – Customs Release, Shippers Release, HWC Handling Charges to be paid (via PayCargo or Cargo Sprint), and a Delivery Order with the Carriers name.

Once is it available for pickup (meaning you can send your carrier in to pick up the cargo) – Under Shipping Details > Beside Pickup By: you will see a carrier Name
If it is pending pickup – beside Pro No: it will be blank
If it has been picked up by the carrier – you will see a Pro No or Name listed

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