Cargo Systems Messaging Service

CSMS # 53388763 – Updated ACE CATAIR Reconciliation: Entry Summary Create/Update (V7) Posted on CBP.gov09/23/2022 05:02 PM EDT CSMS # 53388224 – Resolved – Ocean House Bill Release – Page for CAMIR Chapters (Drafts) Appendix D: Disposition Codes is Now Available09/23/2022 04:39 PM EDT CSMS # 53382119 – Ocean House Bill Release – Page for […]

Early Bird Registration Ends on September 28!

AIFBA Cargo ConsortiumAIFBA invites you to the TSA Cargo Consortium, a whole-day event brought to you in conjunction with NCBFAA Airfreight Subcommittee iSAC Workgroup.When: October 18Where: The Morrow CenterSpeakers include TSA HQ personnel, CBP, BIS-OEE, IACCSP, SSPAC, 3PK9, and experts in cybersecurity, impractical to screen cargo.Boxed lunch included!Check-in begins at 7:30, the main event is 9-5!Register Today! Register for […]

Seafood Entries!

Calling All Brokers Who Do Seafood Entries! If you are familiar with the demands of the Seafood Import Monitoring Program (SIMP) and other NOAA import programs, we need your help. The NCBFAA Regulatory Agencies Committee (RAC) is working with an organization called Fishwise on a Seafood Roundtable focused solely on customs brokers’ concerns. The Roundtable will […]


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