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Suggested Work-Around to Successfully Run the REV-101, REV-102, and REV-103 Reports There appears to be a widespread issue with the Statements data universe, and consequently the REV-101, REV-102, and REV-103 reports. For the time being, we recommend scheduling this report for “now” as its recurrence. Below is the link to a video demonstrating how to […]

Your 2022-2023 AIFBA Board Nominees!

The AIFBA nominating committee is proud to put forward the following slate of officers for 2022-2023.Shannon Whitt: Chairman of the Board Tim Vorderstrasse: President Mary King: Vice President Latoria Harris: Secretary Dee Jones: Treasurer Please take a few moments, if you haven’t already, to review the nominees and provide your vote on whether you agree (Yay) or disagree (Nay) with the nomination. Do you […]

Call for Volunteers

Please consider volunteering with AIFBA! There are plenty of volunteer opportunities available. Send us your Feedback!

AIFBA Job Postings

Members can now upload and manage job postings. Non-members, please send your information to aifba@aifba.com for consideration on our job board. Link to Job Board.

Back to Basics Series

Back to Basics resumes with our session on PGA’s and Other Acronyms! Scheduled for June 28th at 11 AM. Registration launching soon!

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